German for Children and Teens

Of all the languages in which we offer children’s courses, German is perhaps the closest to English – it’s practically our cousin!  Of course, it’s widely spoken in the heartland of Europe, not just in Germany, but also in Switzerland and Austria.  German has long been seen an important language in business and science, but it’s an important literary language as well.  Quite a few German speakers have settled in New Zealand in recent years, and we know that many of them are anxious that their children should keep in touch with the language of their heritage.

kids2A lot of the basic vocabulary of German is quite similar to that of English, and so for children it’s really not a difficult language to learn.  The pronunciation is quite straightforward, and although you may have heard that the grammar is a bit difficult as higher levels, it’s not something which will be a problem here.  Euroasia’s children’s courses in German provide the fundamentals in the language which additional study further down the track can build on.   

If you like the idea of German courses for children, check out the German children's course timetable (5-10 year olds) or German for Teens (11+) and enrol now. 


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