Portuguese 5

By the end of this course, you will be able to refer to future and past events and describe some of these in sequence; your range of vocabulary will have increased to include some areas outside the everyday.

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Unit 1 - Now and in 50 years  You will be able to talk about future events, also predict the form of certain “international” words.

Unit 2 - Making promises  You will be able to make promises and also talk about what will happen if something else happens.

Unit 3 - From bad habits to good  You will be able to talk about never or no longer doing things, also give and understand various measurements.

Unit 4 - The theft  You will be able to describe a simple event in the past, more specifically, talk about crimes.

Unit 5 - Yesterday  You will be able to describe what you did the previous day, and use a range of expressions relating to past events.

Unit 6 - Making a report  You will be able to describe what has been happening in your company, talk about things improving or deteriorating, and also issue warnings.

Unit 7 - The interview  You will be able to ask and answer questions in an interview situation; you will also be able to talk about the key events in your life.

Unit 8  - The news  You will be able to understand simple news reports and also summarise these yourself; you’ll also be able to use more vocabulary relating to the media.

Unit 9 - Moving house  You will be able to discuss types of accommodation and make comparisons; you will also know how to talk about letting and renting accommodation.

Unit 10 - On the road  You will be able to describe driving by car and also ask for help with breakdowns.


(Please note that the information here may change slightly, since we make ongoing revisions to our course material in the light of client feedback, and may also adjust it to suit the needs of particular classes.)