French 2

This course follows our beginner’s course or assumes previous basic knowledge of the language.  (For example, self-introductions, talking about your family, names of foods, shopping, asking for directions, etc.).By the end of this course, you will have expanded the range of situations which you are able to handle in French, and you will have begun to learn some basic grammar points; you can expect to be understanding more of what people say, and growing in your confidence to respond appropriately.

  • 13 February
    10 weeks, Thu 7:40 PM - 9:10 PM
    Session information
    Session 1
    Thu 13 Feb 19:40 - Thu 13 Feb 21:10
    Session 2
    Thu 20 Feb 19:40 - Thu 20 Feb 21:10
    Session 3
    Thu 27 Feb 19:40 - Thu 27 Feb 21:10
    Session 4
    Thu 05 Mar 19:40 - Thu 05 Mar 21:10
    Session 5
    Thu 12 Mar 19:40 - Thu 12 Mar 21:10
    Session 6
    Thu 19 Mar 19:40 - Thu 19 Mar 21:10
    Session 7
    Thu 26 Mar 19:40 - Thu 26 Mar 21:10
    Session 8
    Thu 02 Apr 19:40 - Thu 02 Apr 21:10
    Session 9
    Thu 09 Apr 19:40 - Thu 09 Apr 21:10
    Session 10
    Thu 16 Apr 19:40 - Thu 16 Apr 21:10
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    • $399.00 incl. GST
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Unit 1 - Directions - You will be able to talk about where objects are in relation to one another and ask for directions to different places in French.
Unit 2 - House and home - You will be able to describe your home in French and say where in the house and in particular rooms things are to be found.
Unit 3 - Talking about people - You will be able to describe people, in terms of physical appearance and character.
Unit 4 - Free time - You will be able to talk about common free-time activities in French, and describe their appeal.
Unit 5 - Places in the world - You will be able to talk about cities and countries and where they are in relation to one another; you will also be able to describe how often you do something.
Unit 6 - Sickness and health - You will be able to say how you feel physically and talk about common medical conditions using French.
Unit 7 - At the supermarket - You will be able to describe what you are want to buy at the supermarket; also how to say that you are right or wrong, hot or cold, hungry or thirsty.
Unit 8 - At the chemist’s - You will be able to talk about things you need at the chemist’s in French, and both ask for and give reasons for wanting something.
Unit 9 - The big event - You will be able to talk about events and when they take place during the day.
Unit 10 - At the cinema - You will be able to describe a film in French and relate a simple story.