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Bem-vindo à Língua Portuguesa!

Welcome to the Portuguese language – and to Portuguese language courses with Euroasia!

Why learn Portuguese?

  • New Zealanders are perhaps more likely to focus on Brazil than on Portugal.
  • Brazil is the giant of South America, and has a rapidly expanding economy.  The country has great mineral wealth, and New Zealand undoubtedly needs to expand its links with this country, which is set to become a player on the world stage as the century progresses.
  • Quite a lot of Brazilian students have come to New Zealand, especially high school students, and some families here may have hosted young Brazilians.
  • Brazil is an exceptionally diverse country to visit, with attractions ranging from the Amazon rain forests to the famous sights of Rio.  Also fascinating is the African-influenced culture of the North-East, while the spectacular Iguazu Falls are a major drawcard.
  • The country offers a pretty powerful combination of both the Latin and the tropical!  Brazilians therefore tend to be very lively people, and young Kiwis in particular would enjoy the excitement of a stay in Brazil – and not just at Carnival time. 
  • Some knowledge of Portuguese is the key to getting beneath the surface in Brazil, and also to travelling around effectively.   Brazilians will greatly appreciate any efforts you make.
  • If you decide to visit Portugal, you will find a delightful country with attractive, lively towns and a countryside with a certain old-world charm rare elsewhere in Europe.
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