As a boutique school, we cannot afford extensive TV advertising and fancy billboards, so we focus on exceeding client expectations.

Happy clients give us great testimonials and tell their friends. In this manner, we have enrolled over 3000 New Zealanders in the last 5 years.

We conduct regular client surveys to gauge what our clients think of us.  We are proud to say that our clients consistently rank our language classes as “exceeding expectations” across most categories.

Natalie video testimonial

Why learn Japanese at Euroasia Language Academy? Natalie shares her thoughts:

“I’ve tried learning Japanese previously, where I just felt that I was an anonymous person in a large classroom. I love the fact that the Japanese classes at Euroasia are very personal. This means there are more opportunities for me to develop my confidence in speaking.”

Steph video testimonial

Why learn Spanish at Euroasia Language Academy? Steph shares her thoughts:

“My initial apprehension soon disappeared when I discovered that Spanish isn’t actually that hard. There are in fact lots of similarities between Spanish and English. The Euroasia approach of focussing on conversational skills is great for me as my goal is not to take any exams, but to be able to speak with locals.”

Dan video testimonial

Why learn French at Euroasia Language Academy? Dan shares her thoughts:

“I chose to learn French at Euroasia after I heard from a friend about her experience at this school. My friend actually had fun learning how to speak French and really looked forward to her French class every week. I did try learning French at school, but I’m not a natural linguist, so I didn’t know if I had what it takes to learn French. After coming along to French classes, I have discovered that it’s not as hard as it looks. The French teacher explains what the words mean, how they are used and how to pronounce them properly.”

Verity video testimonial

Why learn Manadrin at Euroasia Language Academy? Verity shares her thoughts:

“I like the small classes at Euroasia because there are more opportunities for me to practise speaking Mandarin in class. The personal interaction with the teacher also helped me with getting the pronunciation right. As a New Zealander I have learnt so much more about Chinese culture since learning Mandarin.”

Dr. John Reynolds

At Euroasia’s annual Christmas party, guest speaker Dr John Reynolds shares his experience in learning German and Spanish at Euroasia.

More feedback from our valued clients

Just letting you know I am travelling in Yunnan, China, mostly by bicycle, and taking Irene’s course at Euroasia was the best possible thing I could have done. For the first couple of weeks in the Nu Jiang valley I didn’t see another foreigner, and nobody who spoke English. I have been in China a month now and have managed to get fed, find and pay for accommodation, find bus stations and catch buses, and even have quite meaningful conversations, all with the Chinese language I acquired in 15 hours at Euroasia. So thanks very much to my excellent teacher.

Catherine Sheehan

(The teacher) explains what the words mean and how they are used and how to pronunce them properly. (She) is a fantastic teacher and a great listener. Makes learning Italian fun, too.

Friendly, makes lessons fun….

Very friendly and approachable… good stories, a lot of fun….

He is a great teacher because he is intelligent and he lets you motivate yourself and is interested in what you are interested in, and he guides you in the direction you want to go.  I think I have learned the most from him of any French teacher ever.

I am working entirely in Spanish, as this is the official language at work here. Without the Spanish lessons, I wouldn’t be able to make it!  I would just like to say that we are very satisfied with the methodology and (the teacher’s) enthusiasm.  I can definitely say we learned Spanish very quickly, and everybody here says we speak correctly – not only people reporting to me!

…encouragement and incredibly non-judgemental, given how bad we can be! Also continually speaks the language to you so you are forced to think in the language.

Very good interactive exercises to make yourself think in the foreign language.

Friendly and easy to get along with, also very approachable if I have a question….

He speaks slowly and in terms one can understand.  So one gets confidence.

Demonstrated enthusiasm for the language, the teaching and the students. Very good at developing rapport and understanding of needs. (The teacher was)… sharp, alert and a good listener. Strong customer focus.

Uses relevant stories to keep students interested.

(The teacher) is patient and very encouraging.

(The teacher) is very enthusiastic and always encourages students to speak Spanish as much as possible, which really helps…