Translation & interpreting for businesses

Why use a professional translator? Here are some reasons:

Euroasia is a full service cross-cultural consultancy that specialises in advising clients on cultural matters. Our point of difference lies in our ability to ensure cultural meanings do not get “lost in translation”. We have multi-lingual professionals on-site who can immediately understand your requirements; although in many instances, we also work with native-speaker translators in foreign countries.

Often, clients approach translation agencies after the key decisions have been made. The point of differentiation for Euroasia is that we can advise clients at the pre-translation stage. For example, a translated brochure may not be the most effective way to reach a certain market, or a one-size-fits-all approach may not work for all markets. At times, translations may not even be necessary. Hence, it would be best to consult your Euroasia language specialist at the conceptualisation stage. Our advice could end up saving you a lot of money and grief.

Euroasia’s translation clients come from various sectors including businesses and government.

Translation services

  • Using our access to first-class translators, we provide a translation service both from and into English.Using our access to first-class translators, we provide a translation service both from and into English.   The service can range from provision of a quick summary to a full and comprehensive translation.To be an effective translator, one has to do more than be proficient in two languages.  Translation is an art, and a skilled translator will have mastered the tricks of the trade over some considerable time.  Euroasia’s translators are equipped to undertake the task effectively and efficiently.

    Euroasia specialises in providing quality translations for business / government. As such, we would recommend that individual clients seeking translations for immigration / NZQA purposes contact the government translation service.

Interpreting services

If you need an interpreter for visitors to New Zealand, please contact us for assistance.

The interpreter we arrange for you would depend on your specific needs.

There are 3 key types of interpreting:

Dialogue interpreting

Interpretation of conversations and interviews between two or more people. The interpreter listens first to short segments before interpreting them.

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter listens to larger segments, possibly taking notes while listening, and then interprets while the speaker pauses.

Simultaneous interpreting

Interpreting into the target language while listening to the source language i.e. speaking while listening to what is being said. (In certain business negotiations and court cases, whispered simultaneous interpreting is used to keep one party informed of the proceedings.)

We will be pleased to advise you on the service which will best meet your needs.

NB. The role of an interpreter is to provide a clear channel of communication between the client and another individual. Interpreters neither add to nor subtract from the communication, but just convey what has been said; they do not provide advice or opinions. If you require more general guidance about appropriate ways of dealing with people from a particular culture, please talk to us about our cross-cultural consultancy.