The World’s most requested Languages available here!

Are you in a multi-cultural relationship? Planning to travel? Wanting assistance with your University course? Or just looking to learn for interest?

With scheduled language classes in up to 6 levels across as many as 10 languages, we should have a course suitable for you! For information, just choose from French, German, Spanish,  Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese or Korean.

Under each language, you’ll find some background information about the language: who speaks it, why learn it… and whether it’s hard! You’ll also find the course outlines and a timetable. For many of our languages, we are now offering options in language for business.

Then we also have more general information on language learning, and on the Euroasia approach, under themes such as why learn a foreign language, language skills, the Euroasia style (where you can view a video of what it is like to be in a Euroasia class), course levels/outcomes and course configuration options.

Language courses for adults

Group classes are generally offered outside normal office hours at our teaching centre in Auckland.  Please see timetable/fees/enrolment for details.

  • Small classes (maximum 10 per class, average 6).
  • Focus on developing conversational skills.
  • Lively, enthusiastic teachers.
  • Fascinating cultural insights, fun classes.
  • All the main European languages and Asian languages.
  • Up to 6 levels, from complete beginner upwards.
  • Courses specifically designed to suit Euroasia clients.
  • Gently-paced introductory courses.
  • Stimulating continuation courses at higher levels.
  • All course materials included in fees.
  • Advice on study outside the classroom for those who wish to make faster progress

Standard group classes

Courses operate over 10 weekday evenings, and most people come once a week.

Lessons are held from 6.00pm to 7.30pm, or from 7.40pm to 9.10pm (1.5 hour sessions).

You complete one of our levels over one course (10 weeks), and then we hope you will decide to go on to the next level!
For more information, please see levels/outcomes; also check out timetable/fees/enrolment.

Fasttrack courses

If you missed the start date for your course, if you prefer a more intensive option, orif you would simply like to make faster progress, we offer two ways to help:

Fastrack 5
Cover the same material you would cover in 10 weeks over 5!  You come for your language classes twice a week instead of once, and thereby spend the same number of hours with us.  Fasttrack 5 courses are offered four times a year: starting in March, June, August and November.

Fasttrack 2
Cover the same material you would cover in 10 weeks over 2!   These language courses are offered during our term breaks, therefore around Easter, early July, September/October, and in January.  Over two weeks, you take classes on two evenings a week and on two Saturday mornings, and again have the same number of hours that you would otherwise have over 10 weeks.  Fasttrack 2 is popular with people who are planning to travel in the near future as well as with those who would like to jump a level when they start the next term.

Course fees for Fasttrack courses are the same as for our standard language courses.

Courses for individuals (one-to-one)

Individual teaching is available either at our centre or at a location to suit you.  Individual teaching can also be done via the internet.

Teaching on a one-to-one basis means we can provide the kind of teaching you require and at your pace.   We can also offer two-to-one, three-to-one etc.

We consult with you to find out your specific requirements and to gear the course accordingly.  Some people, for example, only need to develop speaking skills; others might just need to read reports or papers in a particular language.  Whatever your goals and targets, we do our best to ensure that you achieve them as effectively and as economically as possible.

Our teachers for private tuition are specially chosen for their skills in managing this type of teaching.

Our fees for one-to-one (or two-to-one) tuition  starts from $86 per hour, including GST; dates and times are arranged to suit you.