About Us

Euroasia is New Zealand’s premier private provider of services in the area of foreign languages and cultures.

We operate in a multi-lingual environment, where every staff member speaks at least 2 or 3 languages fluently (including the management and administration team). The Euroasia brand is amongst the oldest and most reliable in our industry. The services we provide include:

  • Regular scheduled language classes at many different levels in French, German, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), and Japanese – including language for business.
  • Language classes at introductory levels in Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch and Korean.
  • Translation, interpreting and language assessment.
  • Cross-cultural consulting – business advice and diversity training for companies, adjusting to life in New Zealand.
  • Business across cultures – cross-cultural event management, corporate visits, training of staff heading overseas.

Language Training Courses

Euroasia, because we teach European and Asian languages. We are one of the very few that do. Whether you’re in a multicultural relationship, planning to travel, or do business abroad if you want the advantage of knowing the language, we are the answer. We offer smaller classes and professional teachers. You will get the results. It’s fun and great learning. We have 15 different options making us bigger than anyone else. Come to Euroasia, learn the language you need in a practical way so you can speak it confidently when you walk out the door. This is our promise. Try us out we’re good for our word.

Corporate Language Services

Be the only person in the room that speaks their language. Create the bond, get the business.

Euroasia provides a range of services to help businesses in their dealings with people who may come from a different culture and speak a different language. Our consulting work covers areas such as cross-cultural adviceinternational business visits and organising international events.

We also provide guidance for people preparing to move overseas or to those coming to New Zealand.

We offer language courses in the main languages likely to be encountered by New Zealand businesses. These include our special options, language for business and in-house language training to a group of staff.

Other services related to language include translationinterpreting and language assessment.