Course levels and learning outcomes

Our standard language courses for adults generally run for 10 weeks.  However, it is possible to cover the same material over a shorter period of time by taking one of our Fasttrack courses; see course types for details!

You can usually expect to complete one level per course.  Therefore, if you complete one course, you usually move on to the next level when you start a second course.

Level 1 (beginner) is available in all the languages we teach.  The most popular languages are also available, at other levels from 2 to 6.  If you have some knowledge of a language already, we suggest that you contact us so we can discuss which class would be most suitable for you.

Each level is divided into ten units.  We aim to cover one unit per one-and-a-half-hour lesson.

Every unit has a particular theme and a particular learning outcome.  The learning outcome tells you what you can expect to know at the end of each unit.  In order to achieve these outcomes, you will learn some vocabulary and expressions; there will probably also be some grammar, although we introduce it slowly, and really keep it to a minimum in level 1.  We do recommend that you also do some work in your own time to consolidate the material which is covered in class.

Here, in very general terms, are the outcomes you can expect to have achieved in your chosen language by the end of the various levels:

Level 1

You will be able to get by in a number of everyday situations, and you will have acquired a basic feel for the language: its vocabulary, sound patterns and some of its structures.

Level 2

You will be able to get by in a wider range of situations, and you will be starting to understand some of the patterns underlying the way the language works.

Level 3

You will be able to say something about your job, handle a lot of social situations and talk about things you like doing; you will be able to ask and respond to everyday questions; you will also be able to make simple phone calls.

Level 4

You will be able to talk about your daily life, make travel plans and say more about your work; you will also be able to handle simple e-mails and letters.

Level 5

You will be able to talk about the past and the future, make simple reports, and also be able to deal with a series of questions and answers as in an interview.

Level 6

You will be able to engage in everyday conversation, comparing your life in New Zealand with other people’s lives overseas; you will also be able to read simple newspaper articles and discuss matters of interest.