Chinese Mandarin 1 for Self Study

This is an online self-study course via Google Classroom. A first taste of the Chinese Mandarin. This course is for complete beginners. No previous knowledge of the language is required. By the end of this course, you will already know enough to get by in Mandarin: you will be able to cope with the most common everyday situations by asking and answering simple questions, and you will be able to understand people when they speak to you about the situations covered.

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    Complete online at your own pace (Self-paced)
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The online study platform includes:

  • Lesson videos
  • Lesson slides
  • Course handbook (PDF)
  • Course handbook recording (MP3)

Unit 1 - Greetings  You will be able to greet people, give your name and ask how people are.

Unit 2 - Professions  You will be able to ask and answer questions about your job; you will also be able to ask about and give your phone number.

Unit 3 - Nationalities and languages   You will be able to say where you come from and give the language you speak; you will also be able to ask other people about these subjects.

Unit 4 - Family  You will be able to talk about the people in your family (or, if you prefer, other peoples families) and say how old they are.

Unit 5 - Time and transport  You will be able to tell the time and give days and months; you will also be able to ask for a ticket on public transport.

Unit 6 - Free time activities and weather  You will be able to say what you like or don't like, and also talk about your free time activities; you will also be able to say what the weather is like at the moment or at particular times of the year.

Unit 7 - Shopping for clothes  You will be able to ask about something in a shop, understand and talk about prices, and also describe clothes.

Unit 8 - Shopping for food  You will be able to talk about different meals, also food and drink; you will know what to say to buy these things from a shop.

Unit 9 - Restaurants  You will be able to order a meal in a restaurant, and talk about common Japanese food. 

Unit 10 - Accommodation   You will be able to book accommodation and check in, also know how to talk about simple problems.