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Welcome to the Japanese language – and to Japanese language courses with Euroasia!

Why learn Japanese?

  • Japan is one of New Zealand’s key trading partners, and offers great opportunities for Japanese speakers.
  • Many young Kiwis go to Japan every year under a working holiday scheme, often as teachers of English, for which there is a huge demand.  Knowing enough Japanese to get around is a great benefit.
  • Japan is of crucial importance for New Zealand tourism, with huge numbers of Japanese tourists visiting the country every year, many of them with very limited English.
  • Many of us have had or will have young Japanese language students staying in our homes; now is the chance to find out a little about their language and culture.
  • A lot of young Kiwis have Japanese partners: this could be the chance to understand them a little better – or to learn something to say to the prospective in-laws!
  • Japan is a diverse and fascinating country, with a unique culture.  Even a limited knowledge of the Japanese language can provide insights into this society.
  • Although nearly all Japanese now learn English at school, many are reluctant to speak it to foreigners, so if you go to Japan, you cannot rely on finding someone to explain things for you in English!
  • The Japanese way of running business, enterprise and society in general has been widely studied, and many people visit the country to find out more.
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  • Japanese Individual Classes

    15 hours
    Teaching on a one-to-one basis means we can provide the kind of teaching you require and at your pace. Individual teaching is available either at our centre or at a location to suit you. Individual teaching can also be done via the internet.
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