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Hwan yeong hab ni da!
Welcome to the Korean language – and to Korean language courses with Euroasia!

Why learn Korean?

• Although Korean is not really a world language, it is a very important Asian language, and it is spoken by quite large communities here in New Zealand.
• Korean companies have achieved worldwide prominence in fields such as car production, manufacturing and electronics, and many of these companies are represented here in New Zealand.
• Korea is not widely known as a tourist destination, but it has a rich and ancient culture, quite distinct from those of Japan and China, and people who have visited Korea have been impressed by the places of historical and artistic interest; it is also very diverse scenically.
• Korea has its own distinctive cuisine, also completely different from those of Japan and China.
• Korean cities are bustling places quite unlike New Zealand cities; they are great for shopping, with opportunities ranging from huge department stores to colourful street markets.
• A lot of opportunities exist for Kiwis to go and work in Korea, especially as English teachers. There is a working holiday scheme with Korea for people under the age of 30. A knowledge of the Korean language before you go will be of great benefit.
• Many New Zealanders will have had Korean students staying in their homes. Now is the opportunity to find out more about their language and culture!
• Kiwis are quite likely to find themselves living next to or working with Koreans, and may well form friendships with Korean people; some may have Korean partners.

  • Korean

  • Korean 1 (Online)

    10 sessions
    A first taste of the Korean language, this course is for complete beginners. No previous knowledge of the language is required. By the end of this course, you will already know enough to get by in Korean: you will be able to cope with the most common everyday situations by asking and answering simple questions, and you will be able to understand people when they speak to you about the situations covered.
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