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Hwan yeong hab ni da!
Welcome to the Korean language – and to Korean language courses with Euroasia!

Why learn Korean?

• Although Korean is not really a world language, it is a very important Asian language, and it is spoken by quite large communities here in New Zealand.
• Korean companies have achieved worldwide prominence in fields such as car production, manufacturing and electronics, and many of these companies are represented here in New Zealand.
• Korea is not widely known as a tourist destination, but it has a rich and ancient culture, quite distinct from those of Japan and China, and people who have visited Korea have been impressed by the places of historical and artistic interest; it is also very diverse scenically.
• Korea has its own distinctive cuisine, also completely different from those of Japan and China.
• Korean cities are bustling places quite unlike New Zealand cities; they are great for shopping, with opportunities ranging from huge department stores to colourful street markets.
• A lot of opportunities exist for Kiwis to go and work in Korea, especially as English teachers. There is a working holiday scheme with Korea for people under the age of 30. A knowledge of the Korean language before you go will be of great benefit.
• Many New Zealanders will have had Korean students staying in their homes. Now is the opportunity to find out more about their language and culture!
• Kiwis are quite likely to find themselves living next to or working with Koreans, and may well form friendships with Korean people; some may have Korean partners.

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