How do Euroasia teachers teach?

Most teachers use a variety of methods as they help you to learn. Euroasia has its course outcomes which teachers are expected to achieve, but we also recognise that different teachers work most effectively in different ways, and so we do not insist on one formal method over another.

That said, teachers do all follow certain basic principles. We expect a lot of emphasis to be placed on listening to authentic language and learning to cope first of all with everyday situations. Especially at lower levels, we try not to introduce too many difficult grammatical points.

A unique feature of Euroasia courses is that we have a maximum of 10 students per class, who are seated in a horseshoe formation facing each other. We do not believe the standard classroom approach of having 30 students facing a lecturer droning on about grammar is conducive to language learning.

This approach allows our teachers to use the target language as much as possible, and have a variety of active and lively exercises to practise new material. Students are encouraged to take an active part in lessons (which won’t happen if the class is too big). We also encourage students to do some additional work between lessons. And last but not least, all our teachers create an environment in which language learning is an enjoyable social experience.