I don’t understand grammar; we were never taught it at school?

Few of us were. But do you know the best way to learn English grammar? By studying the grammar of a foreign language! You kill two birds with one stone.

At Euroasia, we try to keep the grammar as straightforward as possible, and we avoid using difficult terms. Some basic concepts are helpful, like “verbs” and “adjectives”, but we make sure people understand the terms we do use. At the beginners level, you will survive without knowledge of grammar, so don’t let this stop you from learning a language.

You probably can’t avoid grammar for ever, so as you advance through the levels, we will progressively teach you more. Without grammar, you just learn words and phrases, but you can’t really put them together to make new sentences. It’s like adding up just using a plus sign (+). With grammar, you enter the world of multiplication (x)!. You can say so much more.