German 6

By the end of this course, you will have mastered the basics of the language, both grammar and vocabulary; you will have learnt enough either to go off to a German-speaking country and pick it up there, or possibly to embark upon more formal study.

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Unit 1 - The accident  You
will be able to describe an accident and also offer help; you will also
revise a lot of the material covered at the previous level.

Unit 2 - Using a gadget  You will be able to talk about simple operations, asking and describing how things work.

Unit 3 - Student days  You will be able to talk about your education and describe what you used to do when you were younger.

Unit 4 - Murder at sea!  You will be able to talk about travel by sea, and about a series of events in the past.

Unit 5 - If I won the lottery…  You will be able to speculate on what you would do if something else were to happen.

Unit 6 - Parents and children  You will be able to discuss family relationships, and you will know how to give advice and make recommendations.

Unit 7 - The world of art  You will be able to describe pictures or photos, and also talk about things happening in the distant past.

Unit 8 - Lives of the famous  You will be able to understand and give descriptions of people’s lives and talk about the lives of famous stars.

Unit 9 - Reading material  You
will be able to talk about books and newspaper articles, and begin to
understand written passages; you will also be better equipped to make
intelligent guesses about meanings.

Unit 10 - Your country and mine  You
will be able to make comparisons between countries, and you also have
looked at some of the harder grammar points not covered in these
courses, so that you can recognise them in the future.

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make ongoing revisions to our course material in the light of client
feedback, and may also adjust it to suit the needs of particular