German 4

By the end of this course, you will be able to talk about travel and a range of outdoor leisure activities; generally, you will be handling most everyday situations and also understanding a lot of native speakers in these contexts.

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Unit 1 - Special events  You will be able to talk about special events in your life, and the dates when they take place.

Unit 2 - Fit in the city!  You will be able to talk about keeping fit and also give information about places and directions in a city.

Unit 3 - Describing your company  You will be able to introduce your company as you would in a business setting.

Unit 4 - A weekend in the country  You will be able to talk about nature, ask permission and make requests, and also describe generally what is allowed and not allowed.

Unit 5 - By the sea  You will be able to talk about what you see at the coast, and also discuss with more subtlety the activities which you like.

Unit 6 - In the mountains  You will be able to talk about activities in the mountains, understand a weather forecast and also give instructions.

Unit 7 - The daily routine  You will be able to talk about your daily activities and relate these to particular times of the day.

Unit 8 - Relationships  You will be able to discuss relationships and understand simple texts concerned with relationship issues.

Unit 9 - At the station  You will be able to handle travel by train or metro, from getting information to finding your seat; you will also be able to talk about plans for the immediate future.

Unit 10 - Taking a flight  You will be able to deal with airports and flights, also talking about how long something has been going on for.







(Please note that the information here may change slightly, since we make ongoing revisions to our course material in the light of client feedback, and may also adjust it to suit the needs of particular classes.)